How do I add a person?

Click on the plus button next to the Person column header in the People configuration page

Adding a person allows that person to login to Tracertrak and to be allocated to a device.

The purpose of having a person allocated to a device is to associate the events of that device, such as check-ins and SOS events, with the history of that person. 

From the Configure > Person menu, click the add button found next to the Person column header.  Similar Add buttons can be found on other configuration pages next to other column headers, allowing the creation of items such as Profiles and Roles.

When creating a person, you will be required to enter the persons personal details including their name, a desired display name to reference them in Tracertrak, and a unique email address.  You will need to select an appropriate Role and allocate them to the required Device Groups.  If the Tracertrak account is linked with GEOS, you will need to provide additional mandatory information that will support GEOS in the event of an SOS event.

Click Save when you have entered all the persons details and the person will be created.

Phone number entry is required in international dialing format ie. +1 876 543 210