Why does a GEOS enabled Tracertrak account need so much personal information about users?

GEOS requires as much information as possible to effectively deal with SOS emergency situations

The large number of mandatory fields required for each person registration in a GEOS enabled Tracertrak account is a requirement from GEOS.

GEOS utilises this information in the following ways during an SOS excalation:

Name: It is important to know who is actually using the device. This is one of the first questions emergency response groups will ask. 

Emergency Contact: It is important that the device user lists emergency contacts so GEOS can reach out to them in order to gather more information regarding the device user and their whereabouts. Any information that GEOS receive from the emergency contacts gets relayed to the responding agency, which could help with the rescue process.

Email: This is used when GEOS is unable to make contact with any of the emergency contacts. This can be helpful in situations where the SOS is cancelled immediately and emergency services aren't dispatched. If GEOS is unable to make contact via phone, they will send an email as a backup.

Address: This is used in many situations, such as determining whether the device user is showing to be at their residence when they initiate an alarm. This also provides an indication of the language they may possibly speak. For example, if we see that they are from France, that could indicate that a French interpreter will be needed when attempting to make contact with them.

Country: This is to ensure GEOS have the correct country calling code and are dialing the number correctly. 

Citizenship - This is important to have in the event GEOS need to reach out to the Embassy/Consulate. Knowing the citizenship of the device user ensures GEOS can contact the appropriate Embassy/Consulate. 

If you are unable to complete all of the mandatory fields required by GEOS for a person being added to a GEOS enabled Tracertrak account, you can add place holder information that can be updated at a later time.  Be sure to enter information that meets the required format, such as phone numbers which require international prefixes and need to be unique on the account.