What role should I assign to a person?

Assign the role which provides the person the necessary permissions they need to effectively work within Tracertrak

A Role determines what permissions a person has within Tracertrak.  These permissions determine what parts of Tracertrak can be accessed, ensuring there is adequate restrictions around who can manage and view what within your Tracertrak account.

The Administrator role can only be allocated to a single person.  The Administrator has access to all parts of Tracertrak and is the mandatory recipient of any SOS events generated on the Tracertrak account.  The configuration of the Administrator role can not be edited.  To change who is allocated to the Administrator role, please contact Pivotel Customer Care

The Minimum Access role provides access to Alarms, but does not allow access to any other part of the system.  This role was created for those people who need to be assigned to a device, but do not need to have access to the broader Tracertrak system.  The configuration of the Minimum Access role can not be edited.

All other roles within the system are configurable, meaning they can be deleted, renamed and reconfigured.  By default, the Tracertrak system initiates with the following roles, however, you should check the configuration of the roles in your system before making a role selection.

Role Default Permissions
Minimum Access* Alarms and Personal Account
Restricted User Alarms, Mapping and Personal Account
Standard User Alarms, Mapping, Messages, Search History, Personal Account, Alarm Management, 2-way SMS
Power User All permissions except the creation and editing of people and roles.
Super User All permissions (the equivalent to an Administrator)
Administrator* All permissions

*Minimum Access and Administrator roles are not configurable.

In addition to utilising these default roles, customised roles can be created.