What happens when I add a person to Tracertrak?

When a person is added, Tracertrak will send them a welcome email and a login link to Tracertrak

When a person logs into Tracertrak for the first time, they will be presented with a set password screen.  The password entered will need to be remembered and used by the person when they next log into Tracertrak.  

If the password is not set when first logging in to Tracertrak, the person must use the Forgot Password option on the login screen to receive a new login link to Tracertrak and have the opportunity to set their password.


In addition to setting a password, the person will be requested to enter their timezone preference.  It is recommended to select your local timezone as all broadcasts events will be displayed relevant to the timezone selected.

Tracertrak Console App

Links to Andriod and iOS versions of the Tracertrak Console App will be provided when first logging in, allowing new users to access Tracertrak from their mobile smart device.

Administrator First Time Login

If the person logging in for the first time is the administrator of the Tracertrak Account, they will also be requested to configure the following account preferences.

Account Name

When first logging in, the administrator has the option to change the name of their Account.  It is recommended that short account names are used to simplify device notification addresses which are derived from the account name and the persons name.  If the account name is not changed, it will default to the Account Number as specified by Pivotel.  The administrator is also able to change the Account Name through the Administer page.