How do I assign a role to a person?

Use the quick link on the Configure > People page or set it in the Edit Person page

Role Assignment Overview

A Role determines what permissions a person has within Tracertrak. These permissions determine what parts of Tracertrak can be accessed, ensuring there is adequate restrictions around who can manage and view what within your Tracertrak account.  Tracertrak comes with a set of default roles that can be edited and renamed as desired.  Customised roles can also be added as required.

Assigning from the Configure > Devices page (recommended)

The Configure > People page provides a quick allocate links for Role, making it easy and intuitive to change the role of a person.  Clicking on the quick allocate icon in the Role column and the desired device row opens the role selection page that allows you to set the desired role for that person.

If there is not a Role column header, the People configuration page is displayed by Role.  Click on the Name option in the "Show by" configuration in the top right to display people by Name. 

Allocating from the Edit Person page

The assignment of a role to a person can be changed in the edit person page.  The Edit Person page can be accessed by clicking on the name of the person in the Name column.  From this page, select the desired role for the person from the role selection field and click Save.

No access?

If you lack permission to allocate a role to a person, request access from your account Administrator.