XGate Feature: Sailblogs

Keep your friends and family connected by using Sailblogs with your Xgate account. Learn how to create blog entries with text, images, and even location reports.

Sailblogs is a blogging and map tracking platform aimed at the sailing and boating community, but can be used by anyone looking to record their adventures in a web-based blog format. Xgate users have the ability to upload new posts and maintain their Sailblogs account for free. 

Note: Please contact us  If you are not sure if Sailblogs has been enabled your XGate account. We can help turn on the feature. 

How to Create and Submit a New Blog Post:

  1. Click on the "Sailblogs" icon in the toolbar of your XGate client.

  2.  This will launch a new pop-up box. Click "OK" to continue.  

    1. You can also click the lifesaver icon to launch a Sailblogs helpfile that may help answer any other questions about using Sailblogs. 

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  3. Clicking "OK" will launch the "Post a Blog Entry" window. Use this window to configure your blog submission.

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    1. Title, Location, and Author are free-form text fields that are used to index your blog entry. And logs are automatically tagged with the date and time of your submission (when you click the OK button) 

    2. Check the "Include Position" box if you want your position (lat/lon) to show on the Sailblogs map

    3. Click the "Browse" button, if you would like to upload a picture with your submission. And check the "Resize Picture" box to compress the size of your selected image. 

    4. Check the "Bypass Mail Filter" box, to allow the blog to be posted, ignoring any outbound size limitations you may have configured in Filters. 

    5. Now, enter the body text of you blog. Please note that it can only be simple text. No highlighting, font changes, underlining, or other formatting options are not compatible.

    6. Select "OK" to submit your blog post. It will be stored in the Outbox and posted the next time you complete a data session. Prior to submission, you can view the raw posting in Tools> Explore Mail> Outbox.

***** If this is your first Sailblogs posting, this post will register your account. You will receive a confirmation email from Sailblogs that includes important account information such as a public URL to your webblog and instructions on how to access your account as the account administrator.