What's in the 2021 Q1 release?

General improvements to the reliability and robustness of the Tracertrak Console UI

Release: 2021-Q1

Release Date: March 17th 2021

Release Issues: None

The 2021-Q1 release includes a range of reliability, robustness and UI improvements targeted at improving the general Tracertrak Console experience for all users. 

A persons role can now be added and modified from the People Configuration page using the quick link option. 

The 2021-Q1 release also includes an internal BETA release of Device Notifications which is targeted for release in 2021-Q2.  Device notifications will allow you to send alarm notifications to a person's allocated device and send alarm notifications to the device and/or person associated with the alarm that has been raised.

Other improvements include:

  • Map Display robustness improvements
  • Create Profile defaults to appropriate device type for the account
  • Remote setting of Tracking interval are now more robust
  • Results panel display is now more reliably displayed
  • Worker migration tool has been refined to be case sensitive for email addresses