What's in the 2020 Q4 release?

Better default maps, better online help and map page is now the landing page

Release: 2020-Q4

Release Date: January 13th 2021

Release Issues: None

The 2020-Q4 release modifies the landing page of Tracertrak from the Alarms page to the Map page.  This reflects the intention to make Tracertrak more map orientated.

The Default Map functionality was improved, providing a better selection of default maps and making it easier to clear the map and run the most popular map search, All Last Known Locations.

The Tracertrak Help was refreshed, focusing on answering questions and providing configuration guides to help new users setup Tracertrak to suit their needs.

Other improvements include:

  • Improved support for Internet Explorer 11+
  • New "No Results" banner on map
  • Headers added to CSV file for History export
  • Geofence Breach Alarm Types added to Alarms History for all device types
  • Map displays even when there are no search results
  • Persistence of Groups Expanded / Collapses on Configure > Devices page