How do I add a device group?

Click the "Add Group" button at the bottom right of the Device configuration page

Groups only need to be setup if you want to restrict which users can see which devices and/or you want the convenience of filtering map results by groups.  Device groups are a good way to organise your devices if you have lots of them, separating them by teams, operations or departments. Device groups provide you the option to limit the visibility of devices to specific people in the Tracertrak account.

Setup Instructions

From the Configure > Devices menu, select the button from the bottom right of te page and the group creation page will open. 

Enter a Name for the group. This is normally the name of a department, region or team. 

You should consider how you are going to group your devices, by department, function, role, region etc. and create these corresponding groups in Tracertrak.

Select a colour for the group.

Select the devices you want associated with this group.

Select the people you want to have access to the devices in this group.

Click on Save.

It is possible to specify the devices and people associated with a group through the edit device and edit people pages respectively.