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What is Tracertrak?

Tracertrak is an enterprise grade tracking solution for people and assets.

For a full listing of Tracertrak solutions, please visit our websites below.

Australian Customers https://www.tracertrak.com.au/

New Zealand Customers https://www.tracertrak.co.nz/


Tracertrak helps keep your workers safe and your assets on task!

Tracertrak provides productivity improvements, efficiencies and peace of mind wherever your resources are deployed. With Tracertrak, connectivity, monitoring and communications solutions that were once only available in the city are now available virtually anywhere.

Tracertrak is a powerful exception management system that provides global resource tracking and monitoring, designed by Pivotel from the ground up and built on a high availability, redundant server architecture. Unlike other personnel monitoring and asset tracking solutions, satellite technology was not an afterthought with Tracertrak. Satellite is central to the entire Tracertrak design and will continue to be the primary development focus as the Tracertrak solution evolves further. The use of satellite technology allows for true global resource visibility, driven by the need for corporate operational efficiency through systems that drive efficiency and productivity.

The Tracertrak solution is used extensively by government and enterprise organisations across Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia tracking and monitoring assets and personnel moving across vast areas of the planet.

Tracertrak ensures you always have the information you need to maximise operational efficiency through asset monitoring and maintain high levels of OH&S compliance through worker safety monitoring and SOS.

Tracertrak ensures you always have the information you need and Tracertrak’s advanced exception management system improves efficiency and does the data monitoring for you. 

  • Keep your remote workers safe with automatic missed check-in alerts and a dedicated SOS function
  • Communicate with your remote workers using 2-way messaging between Tracertrak and compatible devices
  • Know where your assets are and where they’ve been to maximise utilisation of your assets and reduce downtime
  • Make sure your assets are operating compliantly where they should be with geofences and route monitoring
  • Receive exception alerts by e-mail and/or SMS so you can solve problems quickly and get on with the job
  • Secure administrator permissions structure ensures users only see what is relevant to their access level
  • You can rely on Australia’s leading mobile satellite company for end-to-end system reliability