What's in the 2021 Q2 release?

Device Notifications & Dynamic Alarm Recipients

Release: 2021-Q2

Release Date: June 30 2021

Release Issues: None

The 2021-Q2 release introduces Device Notifications and Dynamic Alarm Recipients.

Device Notifications allow alarm notifications to be sent directly to a person who is assigned to a 2-way messaging device, allowing faster in-field responses to SOS, Help and other alarms.

Dynamic Alarm Recipients allow Tracertrak to dynamically determine the devices and/or people to send an alarm notification to.

Other improvements in this release include:

  • For GEOS enabled accounts, the GEOS related fields on the Person configuration page are now Recommended instead of Mandatory
  • Standardisation and improvement of the wording for all Alarm Notifications
  • Map search performance improvements
  • >50MB KML/KMZ file size warning
  • Removal of "Worker" group when all People on the account have a non-worker role.
  • Various other UI enhancements and reliability improvements
  • Various security and compatibility improvements

The 2021-Q2 release is expected to be the last Tracertrak release that will support Internet Explorer.