What happens when I press the SOS button?

The SOS Alarm is raised and SOS Alerts are sent to the nominated recipients which, for GEOS enabled accounts, includes GEOS.

SOS Emergency Flow

SOS Workflow

SOS Configuration Considerations

SOS Alarm recipients:

  • Who should receive SOS alarm notifications?
    *Administrators are mandatory recipients of SOS alarm notifications
  • Will the alarm recipients be available when an SOS alarm goes off?
  • Are the responsibilities of the alarm notification recipient clearly understood in the event of an SOS?
  • Do you have a procedure for how SOS events should be responded to?
  • Is there redundancy built into your SOS response process?
  • Have you tested your SOS escalation and response process to determine its effectiveness?
Choosing Emergency Response Contacts for GEOS:
  • Are the emergency contacts you have nominated trained and equipped to be the first point of contact in an emergency?
  • Will these individuals always be contactable at a time when an emergency could occur?