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What is a SPOT Gen4?

One-way satellite based OH&S device

SPOT Gen 4 Overviewimage-png-Dec-30-2020-02-18-59-05-AM

The SPOT Gen4 replaced the SPOT Gen3 in November 2020.  As it has all the same communication abilities as the SPOT Gen3 and functions exactly the same, it's an easy migration for SPOT Gen3 users to the SPOT Gen4.

The primary difference between the SPOT Gen4 and the SPOT Gen3 is the SPOT Gen4's usb port is concealed within its battery compartment, making it unsuitable to be line powered.  This design change does, however, increase the IP rating of the device, improving its dust and water protection rating. 

The SPOT Gen4 is a cost effective solution for meeting OH&S Safety regulations for remote and lone operators who do not required two-way communications.  The following tables provide an overview of pricing & plans, characteristics, functions and alarms.

For instructions on how to use SPOT devices, please refer to the SPOT Device Usage Guide.

Pricing & Plans

Australia https://www.tracertrak.com.au/
Indonesia Request pricing from mail@pivotel.com.au
New Zealand https://www.tracertrak.co.nz/
Rest of World Request pricing from mail@pivotel.com.au


Device Type OH&S Device
Manufacturer GlobalSTAR
Satellite Network GlobalSTAR
Communications One Way Broadcasts
Power 4 x Lithium Ion AAA batteries
Line Power Suitable No ❌
IP Rating IP68
Manufacturers Specifications SPOT Gen4 Specifications


Tracking Yes ✔️ (Requires manual activation)
Only tracks when in motion.
OTA Configurable No ❌
Waypoints No ❌
Mapping No ❌
Navigation No ❌
Preset Messages
  • OK (check-in & start flexible check-ins)
  • HELP (request help)
  • CUSTOM (custom message OR end flexible check-ins)
Freeform Messages No ❌
Pivotel Number Compatible No ❌
Tracertrak Contact Syncing No ❌
Check-in Reminders No ❌
Check-in Confirmations No ❌
SOS Yes ✔️
Poll Device Location No ❌


Custom Message Yes ✔️
Device Input No ❌
The Spot Gen4 does not have any digital inputs
Geofence Breach Yes ✔️
Utilising Tracertrak Geofence feature
Help Yes ✔️
Help Cancel Yes ✔️
Low Battery Yes ✔️
Missed Check-in Yes ✔️
Missing Broadcast No ❌
The All Broadcasts check-in option is equivalent to this
Motion Sensor Yes ✔️
OK Yes ✔️
Power Off No ❌
Power On No ❌
SOS Yes ✔️
SOS Cancel Yes ✔️
Speed No ❌
Stationary Yes ✔️
Track Yes ✔️
Unauthorised Movement No ❌