What is a Pivotel Number?

Pivotel Numbers are dedicated mobile numbers allocated to a person for simplified satellite messaging

Pivotel Numbers are dedicated mobile numbers that are assigned to a person.  When a person with a Pivotel Number is allocated to a two-way capable device, SMS messages sent to this persons Pivotel Number will be delivered to their allocated device.  Similarly, any SMS messages sent from the persons device will be delivered from their Pivotel Number.  The person's Pivotel Number "follows" them, irrespective of what two-way capable device they are allocated to.  This creates a seamless and personal communication thread between the person and the recipients of their messages.

Allocating a Pivotel Number

The allocation of Pivotel Numbers is restricted to the Administrator of the account.

Administrators use the get number button below the Pivotel Number field in the edit person screen to allocate a Pivotel Number to a person.  For a person who already has a Pivotel Number assigned, a cancel number button is provided to unallocate the number from the person and remove the number from the account.

When a Pivotel Number is either assigned to a person or unassigned from a person, if the Schedule Assistant feature is ON (it is ON by default), Tracertrak will send an email notification to the affected person.

When a Pivotel Number is removed from an account, it can not be added back to the account.

Pivotel Number Subscription Fees

Pivotel Numbers are provided on a monthly subscription basis.  Details of the associated subscription fee are displayed when allocating a Pivotel Number to a person. Pivotel Number subscriptions are charged per full or partial month of use.

There is no minimum term or minimum subscription quantity for Pivotel Numbers.