What does the Find Proximity To feature do?

Find Proximity To centers the map on a specified location and displays the devices surrounding that location.

Find Proximity to:

The Find Proximity To display criteria is a useful way to quickly center the map on a set of coordinates or address and display the devices which are within the proximity of this location.

The location used in the Find Proximity To display criteria must be specified by one of the following method:



New address

Enter the street address of a location.  A minimum of a suburb is required.

Previous address

Select from a list of the last 10 'device addresses' that have been mapped.

Company location

Select from the list of Company Locations that have been configured on the Tracertrak account.


Define an address by entering the WGS84 coordinates.
Both the latitude and longitude are required in decimal format, e.g. -26.4766,152.952.