What do the different geofence status symbols mean?

The geofence status symbols reflect the confidence of whether there is a breach of the geofence or not.

If the device is associated with one or more geofences the geofences are drawn on the map in the transparent shades defined below. Geofences must be enabled in the control panel to display.

Status Icon



PENDING: A location has not been received from any one of the devices associated with the geofence since the geofence was created or its location, status or type was changed.


NO BREACH: All devices associated with the geofence have either a last location that is not in breach of the geofence, or has a condition of pending.


IN DOUBT: None of the associated devices have a status of in breach. The last location for one or more associated devices is a location error or there is a missing broadcast alarm for one or more of the associated devices.


BREACHED: The last location of one or more devices associated with the geofence was in breach of the geofence.


INACTIVE: The geofence has been set to 'inactive'. The geofence is not being monitored for breaches.