Managing the RedPort Optimizer firewall (firmware v2.03 or newer)

Learn how to make changes to your firewall by using the "Quick Whitelist" tool for one-click management of Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messaging, Signal, Timezero, Viber, Wechat, or Whatsapp.

The RedPort Optimizer running (v2.03 for the wXa-223) has an upgraded interface that offers an enhanced user experience over the previous version, with a simple navigation panel and easy-to-use tools and features, including the "Quick Whitelist" tool, allowing you to enable your favorite sites.

Learning how to properly manage your firewall settings will allow you to access essential websites and applications while blocking traffic that could waste valuable satellite data. 

This article applies only to the RedPort Optimizer wXa-223 or newer running firmware v2.03 or newer. It is not compatible with older models including the wXa-122, 203, and 213.

How to access the RedPort Optimizer's Firewall Page:

  1. Connect to the Optimizer’s Wi-Fi network. The default SSID will have the following naming convention: wXa-223-xxxx 

  2. Open any internet browser page type the following IP address into the URL bar:

  3. When the login page loads, use the follow credentials:

    1. Username: admin  

    2. Password: webxaccess 

  4. Click on "Firewall" in the navigation panel on the left of the screen:

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 1.40.30 PM

Once the Firewall Page is loaded, the most common approach to managing satellite data is by fully enabling the firewall and adding whitelisting rules for each site needed. Whitelisting rules can be added with either the "Quick Whitelist Applications" Tool or the "Domain Exceptions" Tool. This method will block most traffic, conserving your satellite data and allowing for complete control of permitted sites.

How to Enable and Disable the Firewall:

  1. To enable the firewall, use the toggle in the upper right portion of the screen. When the toggle is green, and set to "Deny All", the firewall is on and will block all traffic:

    Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 3.06.50 PM

    1. If it is set to "Allow All", the firewall is off and will not block any traffic:

      Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 3.06.14 PM

    2. If you are using your Optimizer with a Halo Kit, you will not be able to turn the firewall off. You will be shown this message if you attempt to turn it off:

      Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 3.11.10 PM

Please be aware that disabling or editing the firewall on your Redport Optimizer could result in overages or running out of satellite data. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your usage or data allowance.

How to use the Quick Whitelist Applications Tool:

  1. Once your firewall is enabled, you can easily whitelist one of the commonly used websites or applications by choosing it from the list the "Service/ Application" drop down menu:

    Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 3.32.52 PM

    1. You can choose any of the following sites: Facebook, Instagram, Signal, Timezero, Viber, Wechat, or Whatsapp

  2. Once you have selected the desired site from the drop-down list, it will appear under the "Service/Application Whitelisted" header

    Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 3.21.24 PM

  3. You must always click the blue "Save & Apply"  button to complete the whitelisting procedure.

  4. You can always delete the whitelisting rule by clicking on the red circle to the right and then clicking "Save & Apply" again.

How to use the Domain Exceptions Tool:

To add a whitelist rule for a website or application not listed in the Quick Whitelist Applications Tool, you must use the Domain Exceptions Tool.

  1. First click the green plus symbol on the right side of the section

    Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 3.50.52 PM

  2. When the pop-up appears, fill in all fields and click the blue "Save" button

    Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 4.39.24 PM

    1. IPSET Name is the custom name of your rule for identification.

    2. Filtering Action can either be Pass or Block. Choose Pass to whitelist the site and allow it to pass the firewall.

    3. Leave Filtering Priority as High

    4. Domains to filter is where you add the URL of the site you want to whitelist. If it includes more than one URL, click the green plus symbol in the bottom right corner to add more lines.

  3. When the rule you created is listed under the Active Domain Exceptions list, your rule is in effect.

    Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 4.40.02 PM

  4. You can always delete the rule by clicking on the red circle to the right under Actions.