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How should I setup Tracertrak?

Tracertrak Configuration Guide

This guide outlines the recommended order in which to configure your Tracertrak account to ensure it is optimally and easily configured.

This guide assumes that you have an active Tracertrak Account, you are the Administrator of that account and you have one or more Devices activated on your account.

  1. Login to Tracertrak as the Administrator, or with the equivalent permissions as the Administrator
  2. Add the required Device Groups (optional - recommended for large numbers of devices)
  3. Add the required People (highly recommended if using SOS and/or Check-ins)
  4. Add the required Profiles (if your devices do not support profile, skip to step 5)
  5. Configure each device on your account

Completing these steps will result in your account being setup with;

  • groups to restrict and separate your devices,
  • people to allocate to your devices to know who has what devices
  • profiles to allocate to your devices to manage alarm notifications and check-ins
  • all devices configured with appropriate names, icons, people and profile allocations

As the needs of your team change, you can revisit any one of these configuration options to modify group allocations, people details, profile and device configurations.

Please review the Tracertrak Advanced Setup Guide for more advance configuration options.