How do I un-suspend / reactivate a device?

Use the Device Reactivation tool in Administer > Account Settings

Un-suspending a device reactivates that device, allowing the device to be configured, allocated and trackable in Tracertrak.

Un-suspending a device before it has been suspended for a calendar month will prevent a suspension credit from being applied to the associated Tracertrak account.

Only Administrators can un-suspend a device.

To un-suspend a device, the administrator uses the Device Reactivation button from the Billing Service section of the Account Settings page accessed from the Administer menu.

Clicking on the Device Reactivation button will open the Device Reactivation page.  The administrator can un-suspend all devices by clicking on the Reactivate All button in the bottom right corner of the page.  Otherwise, the administrator can select which devices they want to un-suspend and click on the Reactivate Selected link in the left bottom corner of the page.

It may take up to 24 hours for a device to be un-suspended.