How do I suspend a device?

Use the Device Suspension tool in Administer > Account Settings

Suspending a device, reduces the monthly subscription cost of the device for the period the device is suspended.  Devices must generally be suspended for a calendar month before you will receive a credit on your Tracertrak account. 

The suspension credit amount is determined by the contract that the device is connected on.  The amount of time a device can be suspended for, is determined by the contract that the device is connected on. 

Only Administrators can suspend a device.

To suspend a device, the administrator accesses the button from the Billing Service section of the Account Settings page accessed from the Administer menu.

Clicking on the Device Suspension button will open the Device Suspension page.  From this page the administrator can select which devices they want to suspend.  A reactivation date must be selected for the group of devices selected to be suspended.  The same reactivation date is applied to each device being suspended.  If devices require different reactivation dates, they must be suspended separately. 

The reactivation date is automatically set to 1 calendar month from the current date.  The valid range of reactivation dates that can be selected is restricted by the amount of suspension time remaining, for the first device selected.  The suspension time remaining is calculated as the difference between the suspension time permitted, according to the contract, and the amount of suspension time already used.

eg. If the contract allows upto 6 months of suspension time in a 12 month period, and the device has been suspended for 2 months in the last 12 months, the device can be suspended for upto 4 months.

After the devices to be suspended and the reactivation date have been selected, the administrator clicks the button to submit the suspension request/s.  It may take several hours for the devices to display as suspended within Tracertrak.  Devices pending suspension will continue to display in the Device Suspension page until they have been suspended.

Within Tracertrak, suspended devices are displayed with a next to their name.  Suspended device can not be administered, allocated or displayed on the map.  While a device is suspended, Tracertrak does not record any new data from that device, meaning there will be no tracks, messages or other device data in Tracertrak for the period of suspension.