How do I request an updated device location?

Use the "poll location" button located to the right of the device within the device list on the map.

Poll Device Location

A device's location can be requested on demand (poll) for some devices which are capable of receiving and sending data (2-way messaging). 

The list of devices that support polling include:

  • BlueTraker
  • inReach SE
  • inReach Explorer
  • inReach Mini
  • inReach SE+
  • inReach Explorer+
  • Iridium Extreme (9575)

From the device list in the map, click on the poll location button to the right of the device that you want to request a location for.  Clicking the poll location button will send a "request location" command to the device. When the device has received and responded to this request, an updated location for the device will appear in a future mapping request.

Turning live updates to ON for a map displaying the last known locations for the device that is polled will ensure the result of the poll request is displayed as soon as it becomes available.