How do I register my SafeWorker App with Tracertrak?

SafeWorker Apps are registered with the activation code that is available in the SafeWorker Application License configuration screen

An internet connection is required for the activation process to complete. 

Download and install the Safeworker App for your smart device using the links below:

web-ios-logo | Cardiac Exercise Research Group Tracertrak SafeWorker App on Apple App Store

Android, google icon - Free download on Iconfinder Tracertrak SafeWorker App on Google Play Store

After downloading and installing the SafeWorker App on your smart device, you will be prompted to enter an Email Address and Password.

Email Address (mandatory) 

Enter your email address registered with Tracertrak. You will have previously received an email to this email address from when you were added to the Tracertrak account.

Password (first time login)

On your first login to the SafeWorker App you will need to enter the activation code for your SafeWorker License into the password field. 

Retrieving the activation code:

  1. Navigate to the Configure > Devices page within your Tracertrak account. 
  2. Click on your SafeWorker App from the devices listed. 
  3. Click on Configure.
  4. Click on Activate.
  5. From the Activate screen, use the highlighted activation code as your SafeWorker App password.

If the activation code entered is invalid, you will be returned to the registration screen. A successful activation will result in the Tracertrak SafeWorker App home screen being displayed. 

Access Pin (future logins)

Choose & Confirm a memorable 4 digit PIN.  This PIN will be required for you to login into the SafeWorker after logging out of the SafeWorker app.

Password (subsequent logins)

Enter the 4 digit PIN you created on the first time login. 
If you have forgotten your PIN, please see 'Forgot your PIN/Reregister' below.

The 'Forgot your PIN/Reregister?' link

  • To use the forgot PIN option within the SafeWorker App.
  • Follow the same registration process outlined above to reregister your SafeWorker App.