How do I migrate workers into people?

Use the Merge button if available, otherwise, allocate the worker a role.

The introduction of People into Tracertrak was a delicate exercise and the Tracertrak Team went to great lengths to ensure that the integration was seamless and relatively pain free for administrators to implement.

The removal of Workers from Tracertrak is essential for future feature capabilities, and thus, some future features such as Device Notifications will only be available to accounts that do not have any workers present.

Tracertrak People History

Historically, Tracertrak Workers and Users were managed separately. While this approach provided simplicity for access control and device allocation, it generally resulted in a duplication of administration effort with many Users also being Workers and thus needing to be entered as both a User and a Worker. The 2020-Q3 release introduced Tracertrak People, a consolidation of Workers and Users.  A Person has both the ability to login to Tracertrak and have a device assigned to them.  Access permission for the Person is managed by the Role they are assigned and device visibility for the Person is controlled by the Device Groups they are given access to.

With the introduction of People into Tracertrak, Users were automatically migrated into being People, however, Workers need to be migrated through one of the following methods:

The Merge Button merge

Administrators can use the merge button within the Configure > People screen (Show by Role) to merge a Worker and a User who are the same person. The merge button will be displayed next to any Worker that has a corresponding User, identified by the Worker and User having the same first name and last name or having the same email address.  The Workers group is displayed at the top of the People screen when there are Workers on the account and the People screen is set to "show by Role".

Clicking on the merge button will take the administrator through the merge process, resulting in the Worker and User details being merged and the Worker being deleted. Any devices allocated to the Worker will be moved over to the User.

Known Limitations

A worker who has a matching first name and last name with one user and a matching email address or mobile phone number with another user will NOT be able to be migrated using the merge button.  Such workers should be migrated using the "Adding a Role" option outlined below.

Adding a Role

If the merge button is not available, this means the Worker does not match any existing Users.  The Worker must be manually migrated by editing their details and ensuring they have a Role assigned and an email address.  Workers who are assigned a Role, rather than migrated using the merge button, will receive a Tracertrak Welcome email so they have the ability to login to Tracertrak.

Minimum Access

To prevent a Person from having ANY permissions and ANY access to Devices, they should be allocated to the Minimum Access Role and not have any Device Groups selected. While they will still have the ability to login to Tracertrak, they will not have visibility to any device data or have any permissions to change anything within Tracertrak. There is no way to prevent a Person from being assignable to a device.

Permission to Manage People

With the consolidation of Workers and Users into People, the permissions for managing Workers and Users have also been consolidated into a single permission to manage People.

A Role which had permission to manager Users, will automatically have permission to manage People.  A Role which did not have permission to manager Users, will not automatically have permission to manage People.  This is regardless of whether that Role had permission to manager Workers or not. 

If you require a Role to manage People, it is best to check that the People management permissions are selected for that role.