How do I customise my device location icons on the map?

Device location icons can be customised in the device details page.

image003 This is an example of an icon marking a device's location. By default, each device is assigned a different colour in alphabetical order. The first device will be shown with blue icons, the second with red, the third with green and so on up to 10 devices. After 10 devices the icon colours are reused. The last 10 locations for each individual device are numbered from 10 to 1,  with 1 representing the last known location for the device.

To set a custom device location icon and colour, click on the device to open the device details page and click the change button button to the right of the Icon preferences.  From the icon selection pop-up, select the desired icon type and icon colour.

For any device that doesn't have a customised icon type and colour configured, the default icon is used and a colour is applied based on whether the "Assign Colour" option in the device list panel has been selected as Device or Group.  When colouring icons by group, the icons inherit the colour that was configured to the group, and supersedes any existing assigned colour for individual devices. If a device belongs to multiple groups the device will be mapped with a grey hexagon shape multiple groups, indicating that there are conflicting properties for that device.