How do I configure my Tracertrak device?

Click on the device name to open the device details page

Device Overview

A device is a physical tracking device or tracking application that is capable of having its location data displayed in Tracertrak.  A device can be configured with a custom name, icon, alarm notifications and check-in schedule.

Edit Device Page

Select the Configure > Devices menu to view all devices connected on your account and are within the device groups you have access to.  Click on a device name to open that devices details and customise the configuration of the device.  You are able to click on the device name in most Tracertrak pages in order to open the Edit Device page.

Within the Edit Device page, it is possible to configure the following:

Device Name: Device names default to the device's identifier.  Click on the Device field and enter the desired name for your device.

Tracking Interval: Some devices support the ability to change their tracking frequency over the air.  This determine the rate at which a device will send a track point when the device is powered and has tracking enabled.

Click on the Configure button and select the desired tracking interval for your device.

The Tracking Interval can also be changed directly through the Configuration > Device page using the easy edit button found next to the tracking interval value.

Icon: See Device Location Icon

Person:See Allocating a Person

Profile: See Allocating a Profile

Group: Select one or more groups that you want the device to be associated with.  This will limit the visibility of the device to only people who have access to one or more of the groups selected.  The absence of a group selection will cause the device to be placed in the "not grouped" group when devices are displayed by group.

Geofences: Select one or more geofences that you want the device to be associated with.  If the device enters or exits a selected geofence, a breach alarm will trigger if the geofence has been configured with alarms.

Fixed Location: Some devices can be configured with an Unauthorised Movement alarm.  These devices are considered "Fixed" and need to be configured with a "Fixed Location" that represents the location from which they are not to move.  If they do move, an Unauthorised Movement alarm will trigger.

Notifications: Those devices that can not be assigned a profile have their alarm notifications configured in the edit device page. 

For more details on what functionality and data each individual device provides, please see the Device Overview page.