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How do I change the Tracertrak account name?

The Administrator edits the account name on the My Settings page of the Administer Menu

By default, all Tracertrak account names are set to the accounts 8 digit account number.  Eg. 40001234

The Account Administrator has the opportunity to set the account name when they first log in to Tracertrak. The Account Administrator can subsequently change the account name using the following menu options. 

As the Administrator, select the Administer > My Settings menu option. 

  • From the My Settings page, click the button in the 'Personal Details" section. 
  • Enter the desired account name into the Account Name field and click

The account name will be updated and an email notification will be sent to all people on the account advising them of the account name change. The new account name will also be applied to the Device Recipient Address for all people on the account.

It is recommended to use a short (<10 characters) account name that is meaningful to the business or group that utilises the Tracertrak Account. This will result in a shorter Device Recipient Address which is easier to type and remember.