How do I add a profile?

Click on the plus button next to the Profile column header in the Profile configuration page

Profiles allow you to manage a single set of configurations that can then be applied to many devices of the same type.  Profiles are mandatory for some devices.

From the Configure > Profile menu, click the add button found next to the Profile column header.  The create new profile page opens.  Similar Add buttons can be found on other configuration pages next to other column headers, allowing the creation of items such as People and Roles.

Device Type

Select the Device Type that you want to create a profile for.  Profiles are device type specific, meaning the configuration options available within a profile depends on the device type selected.

If you change the device type on a profile, all the configuration options on that profile will reset.

Enter a name for the profile.  The name should reflect the risk exposure, reporting line and/or device type that the profile is being created for to make it easier to understand the purpose of the profile.

Allocated Devices

Initially, there will not be any devices allocated to the profile.  Once the profile has been created, it will be possible to allocate devices to the profile.


Tracertrak can monitor check-ins from people and raise an alarm when check-ins are not received as scheduled.  If check-ins are desired, select the type of check-in and configure the check-in specifics appropriate for the risk exposure of the people that will be using the profile.

A guide on check-ins is available here.


Alarm Notifications can be sent to either Dynamic Alarm Recipients or People on the Tracertrak account.  Alarm Notifications can be sent as a message to an Allocated Device, as an SMS and as an Email. The content of the alarm is specific to the recipient and the delivery method.

While the alarms available depend on the characteristics of a device, each alarm configuration is common across devices.  For an overview of the notifications available for each device, click on the device of interest from the Device Overview page.