How do I add a device to my Tracertrak account?

Submit an activation request to Pivotel Customer Care

Typically, devices are not connected before they are shipped.  This means they are not active and will not show up in any Tracertrak account until you request them to be connected.

When you are ready to use your device, contact Pivotel Customer Care and provide a completed Service Activation Request form suitable for your region.

In order to complete this form you will need the device identifier, the plan you want to connect the device to and the account number you want the device connected to.

Device connections are typically completed within 1 business day of receiving a service activation request.

If you are trying to connect a device that did not originate from Pivotel, the activation process typically takes 1 business week and may incur a transfer fee.

Once the device is connected, it will be visible in the requested Tracertrak account and will be named according to its devices identifier.

In addition to being activated on your Tracertrak account, some devices need to be registered with the Tracertrak portal before they can be used.  The below links provide instructions on how to register your device.