How do Device Notifications work?

Device Notifications send an alarm notification to a 2-way messaging capable device.

Within the Profile Edit pages and Device Edit pages, of devices that do not use profiles, alarm notifications can be configured to send a copy of the alarm to devices.  Device Notifications are available for Dynamic Alarm Recipients and standard People recipients.  Device Notifications are a great way to automate the communication of alarms to people in the field, coordinating faster in-field responses to SOS, Help and other alarms.

All People recipients have the device notification option, however, the alarm notification will not be sent if the person is not assigned to a 2-way messaging capable device at the time the alarm is triggered.

eg. John and Sue are both configured to receive a device notification for an SOS alarm.  At the time the SOS was triggered, John was assigned to inReach123, but Sue was not assigned to any device.  An SOS alarm notification will be sent to John's assigned device inReach123, but no SOS alarm notification will be sent to Sue's device as she does not have an assigned device.

The delivery success of a device notification depends on the recipient device being turned on and capable of receiving messages.

Only people who do NOT have a "worker" role can be configured to receive alarm notifications.  Follow the migrate workers guide for instructions on how to migrate a worker.