How do I register my Iridium Extreme 9575?

Iridium Extreme (9575) are registered with the activation code that is available in the Iridium Extreme device configuration screen

Before an Iridium Extreme can be used with the Tracertrak system, it must first be added to your Tracertrak Account and then “Activated”. The process of activation configures the handset for use with the Tracertrak system.

To activate and configure an Iridium Extreme handset:

  1. Navigate to the Configure > Devices page within your Tracertrak account. 
  2. Locate the handset from the available list - it will be identified by its device identifier.
  3. Click on your Iridium Extreme device form the list.
  4. Click on Configure.
  5. Click on activate.
  6. The Configure Device – Activate screen provides step by step instruction on how to activate your device and will provide you with an activation key which needs to be entered into your device. 
  7. Enter your device PIN into your handset.
  8. Click on close in the Configure Device - Activate screen.

NOTE: If you do not receive a “Welcome to Tracertrak” Message on your Iridium Extreme within a few minutes or registering, turn your handset off and on again in clear view of the sky and wait for the handset to 'Register' on the Iridium network and then with the Tracertrak system.

TIP: After you have activated an Iridium Extreme in Tracertrak the “Activate” button in the devices configure page will display as “Re-Activate”. This allows you to repeat the activation process should the handset become “Unregistered” with Tracertrak or enters a state of “Unconfirmed” or “Service Error”.


In the View and Configure Device screen you have the option to select the Tracking Frequency (conditional on the handset being registered on the network, it will report its location at this frequency). Set the tracking frequency as required.

  1. tracking

  2. In the View and Configure Device Details screen, the device can now be assigned to a Person and Profile. Once the desired configuration changes have been made, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen. 
    people, profile
  3. Click on close in the View and Configure Device Details screen. 
  4. To complete the activation process, you must now register your handset on the Iridium network. Ensure the device has a clear view of the sky and wait until the signal indicator turns green and the handset displays the text “Registered”. Once registered on the Iridium Network, your handset should display a pop-up Message “Welcome to Tracertrak”.
  5. Your Iridium Extreme is now ready for use with the Tracertrak system.