How do I manage alarms?

Alarms are managed on the Alarms page or via SMS commands

Alarms Page

Alarms can be viewed and managed in the Alarms page.  It displays the current alarms and their alarm status for an account.

Active Alarms

The Active Alarms table lists the latest alarms in chronological order. Each row displays specific details such as the type of alarm, date/time, and the last known location.  You can action these alarms and events by selecting the  associated checkbox on the left-hand side of each alarm row, and clicking on one of the action buttons directly beneath the table. 

The map button button when pressed displays the map location for the selected alarms.
The acknowledge button button when pressed acknowledges the selected alarms and suppresses reminder alerts.

Acknowledging Alarms

Acknowledging an alarm indicates in Tracertrak that the alarm has been viewed, is understood and is being actioned.  Until an alarm has been acknowledged, alarm reminders will be sent if they have been configured.

Ending Alarms

Once an alarm has been addressed, it should be ended in Tracertrak.  Only some alarms can be ended by a person.  Other alarms are ended when a device broadcast is received that contains data that warrants ending the active alarm ie. a broadcast with a battery status of GOOD will end an active Low Battery alarm.

An alarm which can be ended by a person will display a End Alarmbutton on the right-hand side of the alarm row. Clicking this button will end the alarm.  The End Alarmbutton in the alarms table header can be used to end all alarms that can be ended by a person.

The ACCEPT and END commands can be sent via SMS to manage active and acknowledged alarms.  See SMS commands for more information.

Filtering Alarms

You can filter the alarms table to view just unacknowledged alarms, just acknolwedged alarms or both by checking and unchecking the corresponding selection boxes at the top of the table.

Priority Alerts

In the alarms table, priority alerts are accompanied by a preceding icon, with highest priority alerts displaying a icon.