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How do I login to Tracertrak?

You can login to Tracertrak using your web browser or the Tracertrak Console App

The Tracertrak Console provides a user interface to view device locations, manage alerts, send and receive messages and to configure the various aspects of the Tracertrak Console.

You can login to the Tracertrak Console either through a web browser, or the Tracertrak Console App.

Download and install the Tracertrak Console App for your smart device using the links below:

web-ios-logo | Cardiac Exercise Research Group Tracertrak Console App on Apple App Store

Android, google icon - Free download on Iconfinder Tracertrak Console App on Google Play Store


Select the relevant Tracertrak URL for your location from a web browser:

Australia & New Zealand


North & South America

The login page has three input fields:

Email Address (mandatory)

Enter the email address registered with Tracertrak. You will have previously received an email to this email address from accounts@tracertrak.com.au when you were added to the Tracertrak account. Please speak to your Account Administrator if you are unsure of what email address was registered for you.

PIN/Password (mandatory)

Enter the password you created when first logging in to Tracertrak. 
If you have forgotten your password, please see 'Forgot your password?' below.

Account Name (required if your email is registered with multiple Tracertrak accounts)

If your email address has been registered with more than one Tracertrak account, you must enter the account name of the Tracertrak account that you wish to log in to. By default, all Tracertrak account names are set to the accounts 8 digit account number. The Account Administrator can change the account name from the default account number to something more intuitive and meaningful. The account name was provided in the welcome email sent to you when you were added to the Tracertrak account. Please speak to your Account Administrator if you are unsure what the account name is. 

The 'Forgot your password?' link

To use the forgot password option:

  • Enter the email address you use to log into the Tracertrak Console.
  • Enter the account name for the account you want to recover your password for.

Tracertrak will send an email to the specified email address which contains a login link that will allow you to reset your password. This email will be sent from accounts@tracertrak.com.au

NOTE: You can only click on the reset password link once to update your password and then the link will expire.